about us

Make An Informed Decision Limited (MAID)

Established in 2010 and with 75 collective years of industry experience and a proven track record, MAID is a truly independent Historical Energy Audit and Procurement Specialist.

Offering a risk-free way of conducting due diligence on your past, current, and future Energy Expenditure.

With a refreshing and unique approach, we are the only service provider that offers a “Desktop” review as our starting point.

Our service offering covers two key areas:

Retrospective Energy Audits – with a very limited amount of information we can provide you with quick and honest feedback, highlighting any areas where we feel you have been overcharged or where savings can be made. If you have been overcharged for utilities, MAID will do all the work to recover the monies that you are owed.

Energy Procurement – the cost of energy to run your business is a significant outlay and this is where MAID’s energy procurement specialists will work with you to obtain the best prices on electricity and gas. Once contracts are placed MAID will continue to work with you on a proactive basis.

We offer an unbiased Risk-Free service